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About Shiella

Shiella completed training at the Hallowood Institute in 2003, and since completing training Shiella worked at a Chiropractic Clinic for 3 years and a Hair Salon for 1 year. Prior to this Shiella began selling Natural Health Care Supplements in 1999 and massage treatments in 2001. Now with her own Alternative Health Care shop "Shiella's Healing Hands" in Moline, Illinois; Shiella is assisting people with their every day health. Shiella started a free wellness program; offering massage, chiropractic care, and hair styling at the Salvation Army Recovery Program in Davenport, Iowa. Also working at the Veterans Stand Down on several occasions; bringing with her a team of massage therapist, hair stylists, and reflexologists to provide services for the homeless.

Shiella initiated a free massage program for Iraqi and Afghan War Veterans at her office and Chiropractic Offices. Also attending to the needs of the SR. of Benedict at the St. Mary Monestary in Rock Isalnd for over 2 years now.

Shiella's 3 day annual women's wellness camp was started in 2002 has helped promote physical, spiritual and metal well being of women. Also in affiliation with the wellness camp in Peoria area, the rest and relaxation is good for everyone. These women take away memories of new friends and the great fun they have had at the camp. There is exercise, crafts, games, well balanced low calorie meals yet very filling. She realizes that total health as inter-dependent state of well-being with three separate yet enter-dependent components, mind, body, spirit.

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Boomerang Air Sanitizer [Immune]. Indoor air pollutants are plentiful and many can be harmful to health. From hair spray to cleaning chemicals, from cigarette smoke to dander, these odors and particles present health challenges.

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Shop Online For Natures Sunshine Products
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